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Stay home, stay safe! This has been something we have heard a lot over the last year. The idea of being stuck at home has been a real mixed bag of emotions for a lot of us. Working from home, helping children with schoolwork and studying has been rather stressful. To top it all off, popping out to grab a decent cup of coffee has become more difficult, so we rummage to the back of the cupboard and pull out the jar of instant, right?

Stop there! I am going to tell you how you can achieve the perfect coffee set up at home. There are a few different ways in which you can achieve café quality coffee in your kitchen.

V60 (Pour-Over) 

The v60 is one of the most popular filter brewing methods, it is perfect for everyone. The v60 is simple to use for those getting started and has a whole range of brewing methods and parameters to keep coffee geeks on their toes. For best results buying whole bean coffee and grinding fresh at home will give you the best-tasting coffee.


Cafetiere (French Press)

This is a coffee brewing method used by coffee lovers everywhere! Quick and easy to use, it is one of the easiest ways to start making that perfect coffee at home. With the whole process only taking 5 minutes you can easily fit this into a morning routine or coffee breaks.

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The chemex is a beautiful and simple way of making coffee. The design of the chemex hasn’t changed since its invention in the early 1940’s. Still made with the decorative wooden handle and leather cord, it is a recognisable piece of coffee brewing equipment. This would make a great feature in any kitchen. The chemex is simple to use and creates a lovely, clean and smooth coffee.

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The Aeropress is a great piece of coffee brewing equipment. It was created in 2005 and its popularity has been increasing over the years. The Aeropress is fantastic for those adventurers out there. Although we are unable to go too far at the moment, once we can this is a great bit of kit for brewing coffee while out camping, walking or on holiday.

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Home Espresso machine

Having a home espresso machine is great, it opens a whole range of coffee options for you to enjoy. You can have your favourite coffee from your local cafe in your home. The possibilities are endless, latte, flat white, Americano the list goes on.

A home espresso machine is more costly than other methods listed above; however, they offer great versatility. Making sure your espresso machine is complemented with a good grinder is important when making coffee at home. Espresso coffee is best served when the beans are ground fresh.

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Huskee cups

Although huskee cups are not used for making coffee, they are a great reusable cup ideal for taking on your daily walk with a friend or family member or just sitting in the park getting some fresh air. By purchasing a huskee cup you are helping to reduce waste that is created by the coffee industry.  

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Check out our website to find a whole range of coffee brewing equipment and some fantastic coffee to get you started. I recommend our Peru café Femenino to try with your V60.

This blog was written by our coffee expert Lucy. 

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