Christmas Coffee Gift Guide 2020

It's that time of year again!

You're thinking, oh shoot, this person has everything they could ever want and need! What do I get them?

Well if they are a coffee lover of any capacity, then this is the list for you!

Top 10 must-haves for any coffee lover!

Here is a guide to help you pick a gift any coffee lover would be blown away with this holiday season.

1. Hario Ceramic Coffee Grinder

Grinding your beans freshly each time you make a brew transforms the way your coffee tastes vastly and you’ll never want pre-ground coffee again! This fantastic value grinder is suitable for almost any brewing method and has a foolproof way of adjusting the grind setting making it easy to use for anyone.  

2. Recycled Coffee Cup 

For those that like to enjoy coffee on the go there is no better re-usable coffee cup than the rCup. With its ‘drink from any side’ lid that doesn’t leak when tipped its perfect for drivers. The outer casing is even made from old single-use coffee cups so it does way more for the environment than your regular reusable cup.

3. The Coffee Tasters Flavour Wheel

 The most colourful guide to some of the flavours that can be present in coffee. This wheel is used in coffee labs all over the world to help define and describe how coffees taste. If you have a real coffee enthusiast in your life they will definitely enjoy sipping a cup of filter coffee and working out exactly what flavours they think are present in the cup. Alternatively, there are smaller versions online which would look just as good in a frame. 

4. 6-month Green Farm Coffee subscription 

Send a coffee adventure with our subscription box. Our roasters favourite coffee every month will come through their letterbox with something new each month for 6 months! Half a year of the best coffee, the simple and easiest option for a coffee lover. 

5. The Coffee Dictionary by Maxwell Colonna-Dashwood 

This book is perfect for those who love an interesting read with their cup of coffee. Full of facts from every part of the coffee industry, this is bound to fill the recipient with ‘Did you know?’ facts all relating to their favourite drink.

6. Digital Scales 

For anyone who is already grinding their own beans fresh, scales are the next step in making that perfect coffee at home. Once measuring the amount of water and coffee you use has been mastered, brewing perfect coffee can be achieved every time.

7. The Aeropress

If you know anyone who has an Aeropress, it's likely you know how much they love it as well and their praise is very much justified. It makes a great cup of coffee, it’s easy to use and incredibly easy to clean. Add to that the fact you can’t smash it if you take it travelling and it pretty much ticks every box for brewing equipment.

8. Coffee Art by Dhan Tamang

For those who have an espresso machine and struggle creating those wonderful patterns they pour into your latte in cafes this book is a bible. With hints and tips on creating a whole range of different patterns, this will have your coffee lover practising and supplying you with coffees for months. 

9. Café Dolce Coffee 200g 

Our classic 100% Latin American coffee blend made using Rainforest Alliance beans and medium roasted for a perfectly smooth and nutty flavour. This coffee ticks the box if you’re using it for either filter brewing or espresso and is bound to put a smile on any coffee drinkers face.

10. Niche Zero coffee grinder

The first home coffee grinder to dose out everything you put in, retaining virtually no coffee at all. It uses large commercial-grade conical burrs and a very quiet motor which is set to the optimum grinding speed to produce perfectly ground coffee. The adjustment scale can grind anything from espresso through to cafetiere and coarser so it’s suitable for every brewer. This one does come at a much higher price tag but we love ours so much we had to include it.

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