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Coffee, for most of us it is the way we start our mornings. I am certainly not functional until I have enjoyed my first cup of coffee of the day. However, it can be a hassle. Brewing a cafetiere, pour over or even making an espresso takes time and can create a lot of mess. Leaving us a nice coffee sludge to clean up.

So, the solution is coffee in a bag! Yes, that’s right, a coffee ‘tea’ bag. This is the new way to enjoy a cup of coffee and is becoming more popular in the coffee industry.

What is a coffee bag?

A coffee bag is a mesh bag that has been heat sealed and contains coffee grounds. The idea is just the same is a tea bag, add the bag to hot water and leave it to soak for 3-5 minutes. If you want a stronger coffee just leave the bag in the water for longer. Once it has brewed for the desired amount of time simply add milk or sugar, equally it can be enjoyed black.

Coffee bag benefits…

They are so simple to use and have a whole range of benefits such as they are individually wrapped for freshness, so the coffee stays fresher for longer. Coffee bags are perfect for camping, just add hot water. Also, would make a great addition to hotel room tea and coffee stations.

Coffee bags may take some slightly longer than an instant coffee but its well worth the wait.

Check out our house blend coffee bags with a full body and dark chocolate notes.

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