Coffee & Nutrition

Possible Nutritional Benefits to Coffee


There may be many health claims and benefits to coffee.

Coffee has been usually consumed daily to help people keep awake and stay alert throughout the day. Now it's more about the experience, more than your freeze-dried coffee can provide.

Coffee culture has boomed, with independent coffee shops and roasteries popping up in every nook and cranny available you're not short of places to grab your favourite drink.

Some studies have been conducted that came to the conclusion that drinking a certain amount of coffee can help prevent diseases that include stroke, liver disease, heart disease and kidney disease. Making coffee sound like a cure-all from Old Western times of medicine shows!

A study that was completed across 10 European countries, over a 16-year time frame came to the conclusion that people who drank 3 or more cups a day, had a lower risk of death. Around 18% lower for men and 8% lower for women.

One of the most interesting new studies into the positive effects of coffee is that it can actually slow down the onset of Alzheimer's which can be a debilitating illness.

Apparently drinking about 3 cups a day delayed the onset of the illness in tested patients. The tests also found that people who drank a cup before taking a memory test had a higher score on the test than non-coffee drinkers.

Drinking a little coffee before working out has been proven to give a boost in energy and increase metabolism to help with weight loss. For athletes, it can help lower the effects of muscle fatigue.

Although we're still unsure of the accuracy of all these, we know that we love coffee and if it's beneficial to people in their lives in any way then it's a bonus!

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