After using the Gaggia Ruby for a weekend we thought it would be good to write an honest review on our experience…

The Gaggia Ruby is a small, powerful, professional espresso machine. It is clearly designed to work in small spaces which makes it perfect for the home market. It has a smart and simple look, mostly black with chrome accents. The buttons light up on the front which is a nice touch. Making it ideal for most home and kitchen designs.

There is so much to love about the Ruby!

It has a powerful steam wand so you can produce the perfect milk for your lattes, flat whites, and cappuccinos. Many domestic machines struggle with producing enough steam to get good quality foam due to low pressure. The Ruby makes you feel like you are using a professional machine in a café, whilst in your kitchen.

The Ruby was quick to fill and heat and we found it easy to program, it also comes with a clear set of instructions on how to program the doses. A continuous button on the front is great as it allows you to weight out espresso shots to meet desired specifications. The drip tray is easy to remove for cleaning.

The only minor issue we found with the Ruby is that the boiler is a little noisy compared to other models. However, this is something that you get used to after a few uses.

Despite the small issue with the noise at first, the Gaggia Ruby is a fantastic machine. It is great for those who love café quality coffee at home and is a perfect machine for those wanting to work on their latte art.

As always, make sure you compliment the Gaggia Ruby with a good domestic grinder and some freshly roasted coffee to complete the experience.

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